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Gold Leaf Sign Writing

Learned how to use Gold Leaf to do some signs for the studio!


I’ve recently been getting into sign writing as a hobby and the idea of gold signage is the ultimate for me right now. I’m still learning the tricks and techniques of the trade, but for now I’m in the honeymoon phase which means as soon as I finish a sign I start a new one and then I go to bed and dream about making more signs! I made this sign for my prints which I’m selling at a local studio.

Check out the process below.

It’s been a real fun project with hopefully more to come soon…


A 12 HOUR Minicomic Challenge!


On May 12 hundreds of people will run, ride and walk to raise funds for charity in the fundraising event, Run to R.E.D. What does this have to do with minicomics? Well, I will be taking part, but in a completely different way. Instead of running, riding or walking, I will be embarking on a challenge of endurance drawing; a 12 hour marathon of comic creation where I will create a 12 page minicomic in 12 hours! A limited edition run will then be printed and sold to support R.E.D.

You can Pre-Order a copy of the minicomic below to show your support now or if you like to see what you’re getting, you can wait until the comic is done on the 12th and place your order then. 100% of your money will be donated to Run to R.E.D!

To find out more about Run to R.E.D. go to



What would you like?



HAPPY Free Comic Book Day! This annual event takes place on the first Saturday of May, (which is TODAY!!!!) it is celebration of the comic book medium and is designed to help introduce new readers to comics and comic book stores.

In the spirit of Free Comic Book Day I’ve made all of my minicomics to date available online to read for FREE anytime, anywhere! Just click here to start reading, or go to the Illustration tab at the top and click MINICOMICS.

Enjoy and head into your local comic book store today and show them your support!

31 Days In China

31 Days In China, a sneak peek.

31 Days In China In November 2016 my wife and I went to China for a month. While there, I kept a daily sketch journal of all the peculiar things I saw, of which there were many! Over the past few months I’ve been scanning, editing and collating the illustrations into a series of 3 minicomics that are going to be released soon.

Check out some of the photos below of the project coming to life in the Parchbell studio.   

I’m making a podcast to accompany the minicomics, something I’ve never done before but have always been interested in. The past few days I’ve been working on a song that will play at the beginning of each podcast using my Guzheng (Chinese harp). I’m real excited to be trying something new and can’t wait to release this whole project.

Check out the volume covers for the podcasts coming out soon… 

I’m hoping it’ll all be ready to go next month…see you then!

Alnitak_Kid Colab

Alnitak_Kid Collaboration Project

Collaborative projects are always tough work and lead to some sort of conflict…this is what I’ve always thought until I collaborated with musician and long time friend, Alnitak_Kid. He wanted a cover design and sticker for his new release beat tape, Daymares&Nightdreams.

After weeks of throwing around many good and bad ideas we came up with this one, a collection of his instruments and equipment displayed on the cover with half the illustration laying on the inside of the tape which is designed to encourage people to play with and explore what’s inside.

The gallery above shows the finished product.

To find out more about Alnitak_Kid click here.

To Find out more about the illustration click here.


KUNG FU Animation Process

Something that fascinates me more than animation is the animation process. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that never sees the light of day but is invaluable in creating something that is both believable and relatable. This video is a tribute to that process, it shows my process from thumbnail sketch to coloured character. It also gave me a chance to create a mini score using my Guzheng.


I am a BIG fan of tea and I made this Tea Tray to celebrate just that.

I made this tray a few months ago when I started getting into Chinese green teas and I’ve used it nearly every day since! I was tired of having no ceremony or tradition to go with my teas and thought building a tea tray would make me spend some time learning how to brew teas traditionally…it worked! I wanted the tray to look ancient, but also contemporary, so I used the legs off an old chair for the handles and a bamboo sushi mat for the tray top. Turned out pretty good.

Click on the gallery BELOW to check out the making of The Tea Tray


Out of the studio with the final recording of a song I’ve been working on for a while called Fallen.


I’ve had many questions for God over the years and he has given me answers in many different ways. As I wrote this song I reflected on those questions and opened up to him about my doubts. I felt the answers coming back to me as I wrote the questions and it formed into this song…Fallen.


fallen lyrics, jPEG invisible

2RT Deep Creek

2ReasonTrek Overnight Adventure Series

In Spring 2015 my wife Lucy and I trekked the first leg of the Heysen trail around the Deep Creek area. The trek was a part of our ongoing 2ReasonTrek project which aims to get people outdoors and to raise money for Our Home Community (a home for orphans in South India). We took a GoPro with us and filmed some of the best parts of the trek. Enjoy!

Scissors & Dreads

 Tony (pictured in the video below) has been growing his dreads for 7 years. 

One day he approached me and out of the blue told me he wanted to cut them off for charity. We came up with the idea to film the haircut for all the people who donated to the cause and to prompt others to donate. To find out more head to 2ReasonTrek  or to donate head to Our Home Community.