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I’ve recently started working with ink in my illustrations and realised just how messy it can get if you don’t have an organised work station and process. After playing around with a few ideas I came up with a steampunk inspired inkwell design that is way more basic than it looks. I salvaged some parts from an old computer and bent a spoon. After that I just attached it to a piece of wood. Simple but effective.

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Letters jPEG Invisible

It is hard to describe the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter. There is something so personal and intimate about it that you lose in the digital world. The texture of the paper, the stamps and the unique stylings of each word are only a few of the elements that attract me to the art of letters. It’s this art that I tried to capture in this song.

I used my homemade banjo to form the main riff and added the percussive element using a typewriter and bells. I then added my favourite instrument, the melodica and plugged my voice into a reverb pedal and sung the first thing that came into my mind.


Promo Cards

It’s business time!

It’s official! I can give the illusion that I’m a professional now because I’ve got business cards…more like promo cards though. After only a day of having them I had someone approach me and ask what I enjoy doing in my spare time. Instead of trying to explain it all I reached into my wallet and handed him a card and said…”check out my site”. I felt like some kind of business man, hehe.

Parchbell Production Stamp

I was tired of having a boring, static picture at the end of each video I made.

I wanted something that would catch peoples eye and showed off the creative nature of Parchbell. Something that was different and colourful but could also be put on the end of any kind of video.

After days of fighting with bad ideas I came up with the concept you see below which also ended up becoming the logo for Parchbell.

I recorded all the sounds over a few days, trying to find out how this crazy ray gun would sound. I used  everything I could find that made an interesting sound from  an electric toothbrush to balloons. It was a really fun project that gave me a whole new respect for animation and sound artists.