Welcome to the Make page! I love working with my hands and these projects are the fruit of that love. Hope you enjoy.


I am a BIG fan of tea, but even I wouldn’t have thought how much use I would get out of this tray. I made it a few months ago when I started getting into Chinese green teas and I’ve used it nearly every day since! I was tired of having no ceremony or tradition to go with my teas and thought building a tea tray would make me spend some time learning how to brew teas traditionally…it worked! I wanted the tray to look ancient, but also contemporary, so I used the legs off an old chair for the handles and a bamboo sushi mat for the tray top. Turned out pretty good.

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I’ve recently started working with ink in my illustrations and realised just how messy it can get if you dont have an organised work station and process. After playing around with a few ideas I came up with a steampunk inspired design that is way more basic than it looks. I salvaged some parts from an old computer and bent a spoon. After that I just attached it to a piece of wood. Simple but effective.

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I love rocket stoves! But when I set out to make one I didn’t think it would end up looking like a steampunk UFO. When I was doing my research I found a lot of homemade stoves out there that work really well but didn’t look that cool. I wanted to push the aesthetics side rather than the practical, going against the permaculture purpose they were created for.

It started out as a simple metal pipe welded into an elbow but evolved into something completely different with my visit to the junkyard. I found old brackets and sprockets that I attached and bolts that I welded to make legs. It was such a fun project and a cool centrepiece for our table.

HONDA Club 100

I was approached by Honda Club 100 to paint a custom sign for their club room and events. They gave me an old, round piece of rusting tin to paint the sign on and asked that it be freehand painted to give it a classic feel. I got to see the sign in its context at their last event and recieved a lot of positive feedback from club-members.