A 12 HOUR Minicomic Challenge!


On May 12 hundreds of people will run, ride and walk to raise funds for charity in the fundraising event, Run to R.E.D. What does this have to do with minicomics? Well, I will be taking part, but in a completely different way. Instead of running, riding or walking, I will be embarking on a challenge of endurance drawing; a 12 hour marathon of comic creation where I will create a 12 page minicomic in 12 hours! A limited edition run will then be printed and sold to support R.E.D.

You can Pre-Order a copy of the minicomic below to show your support now or if you like to see what you’re getting, you can wait until the comic is done on the 12th and place your order then. 100% of your money will be donated to Run to R.E.D!

To find out more about Run to R.E.D. go to



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