Welcome to the Music page! This is where I’ve stashed all my music projects, mainly created under my band alias jPEG Invisible.

For the stories behind the songs just check out the info above each playlist and stay tuned to the home page. Thanks for listening!

Fallen jPEG Invisible

I’ve had many questions for God over the years and he has given me answers in many different ways. As I wrote this song I reflected on those questions and opened up to him about my doubts. I felt the answers coming back to me as I wrote the questions and it formed into this song…Fallen.

fallen lyrics, jPEG invisible

Letters jPEG Invisible

It is hard to describe the feeling of receiving a handwritten letter. There is something so personal and intimate about it that you lose in the digital world. The texture of the paper, the stamps and the unique stylings of each word are only a few of the elements that attract me to the art of letters. It’s this art that I tried to capture in this song.


Wilderness jPEG Invisible


Spacelungs jPEG Invisible

When I look up into the night sky at all the stars and planets it never ceases to inspire. This inspiration was the foundation of Spacelungs.